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There are some situations in life when fresh breath and clean teeth are really important. Just think: have you ever wanted to clean your teeth before an important business meeting, after a meal or just before the visit at the dentist's? You probably have, but you couldn't. After all, who takes its own toothbrush and toothpaste to work, a restaurant or dentist? Almost no one. And almost everyone had this moment in life when they thought: "I wish I had cleaned my teeth...". This was a problem ... until now.
VANECO Company proudly presents you the solution that allows you to keep your breath fresh and teeth clean in every situation - a portable disposable toothbrush with a portion of fresh paste. Please take a closer look at our product.

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The toothbrush is a very unique solution. It combines the simplicity and comfort of usage in a single innovative design.

The toothbruth is made of enviromental friendly materials. It contains a dose of real menthol toothpaste which is stored in a capsule adjusted to the head of the toothbrush.

In order to wash the teeth, the user has to remove foil (the product is packed in foil) and tear the capsule off. The disposable toothbrush weighs only a few grammes and it is very cheap.

The toothbrush is 13 cm long, therefore everybody can wear it in a pocket or bag. Our product is protected by patent.

Freshline toothbrush is 100% RECYCLABLE - Enviroment Friendly!

We encourage parents and caregivers to take special care of their children’s teeth when your children are away from home.
This will help keep you're their teeth healthy and will provide your children with a lot of fun!  
Freshline Clean Little Teeth toothpaste has 4 tasty flavours:
• Coca cola 
• Jelly Bean 
• Cherry Lollypop 
• Bubble Gum 
Teaching your children to brush their teeth regularly will make them enjoy healthy teeth for life time.  

We have upgraded our offer with disposable toothbrushes without toothpaste for institutions that carry out dental procedures with toothpaste other than ours.
The toothbrushes without toothpaste can also be ordered by toothpaste producers who can include the toothbrushes to their toothpaste samples for marketing purposes.
Please feel free to ask any questions.

How to use the toothbrush - a quick guide
In order to use the disposable toothbrush properly, please follow the instruction steps listed below.
1. The toothbrush is originally wrapped in a foil bag. Unpack the toothbrush from the foil.
2. Holding the toothbrush in one hand, grab the capsule on the head of the brush with your other hand and tear it off to uncap a bristle with tooothpaste.
3. The toothbrush is now ready to use. Clean your teeth.
4. After having cleaned your teeth, rinse your mouth to remove the paste.
5. The toothbrush is now used. Put it to the dustbin.

Hygienic certificates

The toothbrush has received all the required UE hygienic certificates and it can be sold as a cosmetic product. Toothpaste used in the toothbrush has also been officially approved as a cosmetic product.

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Dlaczego powinieneś wybrać szczoteczki Freshline?

Posiadają prawdziwą pastę (nie substytut)

Wykonane są z ekologicznych materiałów w 100% nadających się do recyklingu

Szczoteczki z żelem dla dzieci w 4 smakach

Idealne dla hoteli, gabinetów stomatologicznych

Niezastąpione w podróży lub przed spotkaniem

Zaskakująco niska cena

Produkt polski

Frequently Asked Questions about the toothbrush
What type of toothpaste is used in the toothbrush? Is it safe?
It is a mint toothpaste with fluoride. It is safe to use and has all the hygienic certificates required.
How long the toothpaste stays fresh under the capsule?
The toothpaste stays fresh and ready to use for a year.
Can the toothbrush be used by the children under 5?
It is advisable not to give the toothbrush to children under 5 (choking hazard).
Can I have an exclusive contract for your products in my country?
Yes, you can. We are still looking for distributors in other countries so all offers of such cooperation are welcome. If you are willing to get an exclusive contract for our products in your country, please contact us and we will discuss the terms of our cooperation.
Can I have my brand on the toothbrushes?
Yes. You can personalise your toothbrushes in your country. We personalise toothbrushes with orders starting from 10.000 items.
What kind of payment do you accept?
Money transfer, bank to bank. We don't accept credit cards or any credit documents.


If you want to find our local dealer please contact us. We will inform you about the nearest place you can purchase our product.

United Kingdom: www.fresh-line.co.uk (under construction)  

Lithuania: www.freshline.lt  

South Africa: www.freshline.co.za  

We are currently looking for new distributors around the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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